Our Services

Getting back to bare metal… fast!

No matter the dimensions or complexity of the item Kwik Strip have the skills and techniques to ensure thorough and meticulous removal of all unwanted materials such as paint, rust, filler varnish, grease, oil, scale and oxidation. We return the bare metal to you fast so you can move on to the next stage of your project.

Chemical Stripping

Using our extensive experience, we choose the most appropriate high-quality chemicals for your items. Our huge dip baths will make short work of unwanted elements and reach spaces that other techniques simply won’t get to. We’ll also advise the best ways to protect your surfaces after stripping and can work with you to plan the stages and timeline for the restoration of your items and products.

Environmental Responsibility

With so many years in this trade, the Kwik Strip team know the importance of protecting the environment while delivering excellent quality outcomes for our customers. Diligent processes and close attention is applied to the efficient management of our waste at all times. We approach this as a leader in the industry and maintain strict rules and regular checks to ensure compliance with government standards and our own.

Rust Removal

Kwik Strip’s method of rust removal involves immersion of steelwork in our acid bath. The processing time is dependent on the amount of corrosion present on the article.

We prefer to use a 100% inhibited phosphoric acid base to pickle away all corrosion whilst leaving the clean steel untouched. This method can take slightly longer than others but has payback from a safety point of view in that all un-corroded metal remains unaffected by the pickling process.

Acid dipping treatment is followed by a hot water-blast to remove all traces of the acid medium


The details of all the jobs completed by Kwik Strip are recorded to maintain high-quality results. With this knowledge we continually evolve, develop and extend our capabilities to maximise efficiencies and turn-around times for customers.

When you choose to work with us you’ll get to enjoy a friendly and capable team who will be invested in your project and jobs and make sure you get the best outcome possible, delivered when you need it.